Dr. Antonios Pitsis, PhD, FETCS, FESC

Head of Cardiac Surgery

Endoscopic tricuspid valve repair

Endoscopic tricuspid valve repair

Endoscopic tricuspid valve repair

Tricuspid valve dysfunction may be due to insufficiency or stenosis or congenital diseases that prevent normal blood flow between the right atrium and the right ventricle of the heart.

The disease is asymptomatic in the early stages while patients with a high degree of insufficiency show swelling in the legs or abdomen, liver swelling, shortness of breath during exercise.

If left untreated, it can lead to heart failure or atrial fibrillation.

Our cardiac surgery team performs endoscopic surgery in order to repair or replace the tricuspid valve on the beating heart. In most of the cases, it is a concomitant operation of mitral surgery, while a percentage involves reoperations after replacement of the mitral valve.

The mortality of these operations has been significantly reduced by the endoscopic surgical approach, according to our data from the Registry of Endoscopic Surgery.

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Dr. Pitsis is the Head of Cardiac Surgery in Saint Luke's Hospital, Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece. He specialises in totally endoscopic, minimally invasive and endovascular techniques.

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