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Thessaloniki Heart Institute was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing clinical services of the highest quality. Our team aims to deliver high-quality clinical work and innovation in the medical sciences, and specifically in the fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery.

During this 20-year period we have developed innovative techniques such as:

  • endoscopic mitral valve repair,
  • endoscopic tricuspid valve repair,
  • endoscopic closure of atrial septal defects,
  • percutaneous valve replacement (TAVI),
  • minimally invasive aortic valve replacement,
  • minimally invasive aortic replacement,
  • coronary surgery on the beating heart,
  • arterial grafts,
  • heart failure surgery,
  • mechanical circulatory support,
  • pulmonary artery endarterectomy for chronic thromboembolic disease,
  • endoscopic (transatrial - transmitral) myectomy for hypertrophic obstructive myocardiopathy.

Our accumulated clinical experience that stems from the more than fifteen thousand heart operations we have done in Greece, England and Wales, with excellent results, guarantees the best possible treatment of your health problem with the most modern techniques.

The significant clinical work is supported and promoted by the continuous training of our team with active participation in Greek and international conferences and workshops and the production of important writing and research work as well as our commitment to the principles and values of the Hippocratic Oath.

Dr. Antonios Pitsis PhD, FETCS, FESC
Director of Cardiac Surgery
St. Luke's Hospital,
Panorama, Thessaloniki

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